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About Psychic Readings

About Psychic Readings

The generally accepted idea of a "psychic reading" covers a great deal of territory, including many practices which really have little or nothing to do with actual "psychic" abilities.

Psychic abilities are generally considered to be abilities of perception which go beyond those that can be explained by science or physical observation. These abilities exist on some greater-than-physical level, and they allow the people who possess them to obtain knowledge or even to influence events in ways that cannot be explained by our normal everyday understanding.

Psychic readers can "sense" or "feel" things. They can "tune into" knowledge from other levels of awareness, and thus they can oftentimes understand what is going on "behind the scenes" in someone's life. This sensitivity or empathy is what enables them to provide information and understanding to their clients, helping the clients to work through problems or plan for the future.

Many readers do not use psychic abilities, however, or use them only as a minor adjunct to their main area of expertise. Astrology, Tarot, numerology, and numerous other practices do not require any sort of extrasensory ability in order to use them. Instead, the practice itself contains all the rules and techniques necessary to do a reading. Psychic abilities may indeed aid the reader in gaining a more broadly based understanding of the client's situation, but they are not necessary.

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About Astrology Readings

Astrology studies the connections and correlations between the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets and the events which take place on earth. The astrologer begins with a "natal chart" or "horoscope," which is a graphic depiction of the locations of, and relationships among, the celestial bodies, as seen from a particular point on earth at a particular instant in time. This is often the time and location of a person's birth, but a chart can also be calculated for any other event or occurrence. By interpreting the relationships among the signs of the zodiac and the planetary bodies, the astrologer is able to understand the earthly situation which those relationships reflect.

By following the ongoing motions of the planets in relation to the original horoscope, the astrologer can determine how earthly events will unfold in the future as the situation develops and evolves.

There are many different traditions or philosophies of astrology. Western astrology, also known as tropical astrology, is the type of astrology most familiar in the U.S. and Europe. It is based on the zodiac of the seasons. Sidereal astrology uses a similar zodiac, but one which is based on the visible stars, rather than on the abstract "seasonal" points of tropical astrology. Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, is the astrology of India. It is a form of sidereal astrology, but is highly complex and drawn from the culture and philosophy of India. Other popular forms of astrology include Mayan astrology and Chinese astrology.

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About Tarot Card Readings

Tarot is the practice of understanding a situation by using a special deck of 78 cards with symbolic pictures. There are a wide variety of Tarot decks, most of which use the same names for the symbolic images on their cards, but which express or visualize those images in many different ways.

The Tarot reader tends to use a deck to which he or she can relate in some way -- that is, the particular symbols and their expressions have meaning to the reader, and stimulate his or her thinking in a positive manner.

For a basic Tarot reading, the cards are shuffled while the client concentrates on the question he or she would like to have answered. Then the Tarot reader deals the cards out in a specific pattern, where the various positions within the pattern alter or shape the card's intrinsic meaning. For instance, in a simple three-card pattern, the first card is often said to represent the past; the second card, the present; and the third card, the future. So the symbols on each card are interpreted in the context of which position the card holds in the overall pattern. Many different patterns, or "spreads" exist; and again, different readers will use different patterns which have more meaning to them, or which they find more relevant and useful.

Although Tarot cards are the most-traditional and most-popular method of using cards for readings, there are many other specialized decks as well. Additionally, many card readers use a deck of regular playing cards to do their readings.

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About Numerology Readings

Numerology is the practice of understanding people, things, and situations through their relationships to numbers and mathematics. In many ways, science itself can be thought of as a highly complex form of numerology, because science essentially relies on mathematics to tie all of its principles together and to explain them in a comprehensive way. Indeed, numbers and mathematics can be said to underlie all of existence. They are the foundation of sound and music, of light and color, of gravity and motion. Mathematics can even be used to describe the bio-chemical reactions that are the process of life itself.

So numerology touches upon a core element of existence, albeit in a rather more-simplified fashion than, for example, chemistry or physics. In numerology, each number has a particular meaning or significance. By discovering the number or set of numbers which are characteristic of a person, thing, or situation, the numerologist is then able to understand the underlying qualities of that person, thing, or situation.

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Other Types of Readings

About Other Types of Readings

There are many other types of readings as well: Runes (from Scandanavia) and I Ching (from China) are both based on tossing symbolic objects and interpreting the symbols based on how the objects fall. Standard dice can also be used in this fashion.

Some readers use crystals of various types -- including the well-known crystal ball -- to focus their abilities and understand events.

Some readers communicate with spirits, or angels, or the dead in order to gain insight.

In addition to varying techniques of interpretation, various readers often have different specialties or areas of expertise as well: some are more expert in dealing with love and relationship issues, while others may specialize in money and career, or health, or travel/relocation, etc.

For you to have the most informative and fulfilling reading possible, you should utilize a reader whose personality "meshes" with your own; whom you trust; and who uses techniques and methods that you feel comfortable with. Moreover, you need to be confident that the reader understands exactly what you are trying to get out of the reading -- the reader needs to concentrate on the issues that are important to you. And finally, the reader needs to outline your options for you in terms that you can understand -- someone who speaks only in jargon or riddles can be of less use than no reading at all!

With our readers at, you can take the time to chat for free with the readers in order to get to know each other and find out if the reader is a good match for you. Without the pressure of "watching the clock" from the first instant, you'll be able to evaluate various readers' personalities and techniques, thereby finding the one who best fits you and your needs. Then when you do pay for a reading, you know you'll be getting your money's worth.

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